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New Gaia-X position paper: The future of data-centred administration

The new position paper Gaia-X and the future of data-centred administration was presented at the ADV Data Excellence Conference in Vienna last week

At this year's ADV Austria Digital Value / Data Excellence Conference, the position paper developed in cooperation with the Gaia-X Hubs Germany and Austria was presented to a broad public for the first time as part of a panel discussion entitled "Charting a course: Gaia-X and the future of data-centred administration". The panel included Brigitte Lutz (Board Member Gaia-X Hub Austria & City of Vienna) and co-author and scientist Martin Traunmüller (AIT) as representatives of Gaia-X Hub Austria, together with Winnie Schöngut, Anna-Lena Meiners, Nora Abu-Oun, Laura Büttner-Quandt as representatives of Gaia-X Hub Germany and Roland Fadrany, COO of Gaia-X AISBL.


Smart cities and smart regions have been developing for at least 20 years as part of a digitalisation trend based on data networking in cities and regions. The term describes settlement areas in which the regular use of (ecologically, economically and socially) sustainable products, services, technologies, processes and infrastructures is achieved through highly integrated networking using information and communication technologies. The next step towards networked, data-centred administrations of cities and regions is therefore of enormous importance. On the one hand, the use of data-based systems will expand and improve public services and sovereign tasks. On the other hand, more and more public and private stakeholders will be involved along (digital) value chains. This is emphasised by the growing need to pursue more sustainable and resilient approaches to urban and regional development and to use digital tools and solutions to accelerate the necessary transformation of the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors.


This position paper aims to explain the concepts of data-centric administration for practitioners, describe the necessary organisational and technical requirements by addressing administrative challenges and legal frameworks and making 10 recommendations. It will show how the Gaia-X initiative as a tool for networking data has the potential to facilitate digital transformation in local government. It also outlines technical aspects of digital transformation in administration and presents a number of relevant use cases that illustrate the benefits of digitalisation and data orientation for administrations to an interested audience.

Link to the position paper: https://gaia-x-hub.de/pp-gx-datenzentrierte-verwaltung/