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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

EU to pioneer perfect solar cells with Austrian assistance

EU Platform Zero project for zero-defect production in PV

To compete on a global scale in photovoltaic production, particularly against Asian, Europe is leveraging more efficient, automated production facilities along with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to refine production processes. Moreover, innovative materials promise thinner, lighter and more efficient solar cells. New thin-film modules will make photovoltaics much more versatile.

The EU project "Platform Zero", which consists of 11 leading European research and industrial partners, aims to reduce production costs and increase product quality through advanced manufacturing techniques and "zero-defect production". In Austria, the AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control/ Austrian Institute of Technology and the Upper Austrian company RISC Software are involved in the development of this "zero-defect production". One of the pilot plants will be built at the Tyrolean photovoltaic start-up Sunplugged. derStandard reported on this (in German): https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000204859/eu-will-mit-oesterreichischer-hilfe-perfekte-solarzellen-erzeugen

For more information please check

EU Projekt Platform Zero website : https://www.platform-zero-project.eu/