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5G-Forschung: AIT erhält erste Funklizenz

AIT researches 5G wireless systems and future application scenarios together with industry


Das 5G Antennen-Relais der AIT Massive MIMO Basis Station. Damit können 5G Funksysteme vermessen und ihre Eigenschaften bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten der Mobilteile erforscht werden. (Bildcredit: AIT / Michael Mürling)

Vienna, 18/12/2018 (AIT) – Far-reaching digitalisation, and the associated networking of all devices (IoT) across various fields of application, stimulates innovations which impact all areas of our lives. It is the mobility and flexibility in the different fields of application in particular that demand new and powerful, but primarily reliable and secure, wireless technology.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has for the first time been granted a 5G radio licence for research purposes from the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). Such experimental licences designed to gather empirical measurement data are essential to applied research, because they provide the basis for creating specific solutions for future applications. The new test series will use special 5G antenna arrays developed in the state-of-the-art research and laboratory infrastructure at the new AIT headquarters in Vienna.

Using a transmission frequency of 3.5 GHz and a bandwidth of 200 MHz, 5G experts at the laboratory are undertaking research into new wireless systems for future applications such as autonomous vehicles. The experts are already working closely with Nokia and AVL on the MARCONI research project, carried out as part of the FFG programme ‘ICT of the Future’ funded by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). The research and development work focuses on developing special 5G-based multiple antenna systems which ensure reliable communication even for vehicles travelling at high speeds.

Networked autonomous vehicles will need to exchange and combine a whole range of sensor information (radar, optical etc.), kinematic data and manoeuvre information in order to cooperate and reach collaborative decisions in difficult traffic situations. In doing so, they themselves will become a significant element in the Internet of Things (IoT). However, this relies on extremely reliable wireless communications with minimal latency times. Cooperation between vehicles helps improve road safety and moves us closer to reaching the zero-accident target.

Dr Thomas Zemen, a leading expert in 5G systems and project manager at AIT: “We measure the properties of radio wave propagation between several vehicles and the base station. These measurement data are used to develop a model for the numerical simulation of 5G systems. This, in turn, allows us to investigate new types of transmission and receiver algorithms in order to achieve maximum reliability in communications for future applications. The algorithms are finally tested in real time on AIT’s software-defined radio test system.”

Peter Wukowits, Nokia Country Director for Austria adds: “Only highly available 5G connections with minimal latency times will make it possible for millions of autonomous vehicles to arrive at their destinations quickly, in a coordinated manner and, above all, without accident. That’s why Nokia is working at top speed to develop the necessary technologies, and test them with our partners. Using the AIT 5G test licence allows realistic testing at an early stage, helping the advantages of 5G to be rapidly realised in Austria.”

Dr Helmut Leopold, Head of the Center for Digital Safety & Security at AIT: “The exemplary and close cooperation between research and industry within the framework of the BMVIT's innovation programme enables Austria to play an international leading role in the field of 5G technologies.”

More detailed information: https://www.ait.ac.at/themen/physical-layer-security/



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