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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

A comprehensive 5-day course on fundamentals of photovoltaic performance

Would you like to acquire cutting-edge knowledge about the photovoltaic (PV) technology? Then don’t miss the opportunity to learn from PV industry’s leading experts during the Fundamentals of PV SummerSchool on August 20-24, 2018 in Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna.  The introductory graduate-level course will explore the entire scale of photovoltaics from cell, materials to modules and all the way to PV power plants.

The specific objectives of the course are to teach and provide knowledge in the following aspects:
• PV fundamentals including PV materials and technologies
• Technical characteristics of PV components and systems
• Performance of PV systems as part of the built environment
• Monitoring and data analysis of PV performance
• Characterization methods of PV modules
• PV power plants and operation

This SummerSchool is a part of TwinPV, a Horizon 2020 Twinning action programme, in which three institutions from three different countries are teamed up: UCY (Universtiy of Cyprus), AIT (Austrian Institue of Technology) and DTU (Denmark Technological University). The partners were carefully chosen based on their excellent track record in the field of smart grids and integration of renewables, their expertise in innovation intensive activities, spin-off companies, and industrial cooperation, as well as their know-how in institution management, operation, development and sustainability.