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Best Paper Award der IBPSA 2017 für Aurélien Bres

AIT represented at Building Simulation Conference in San Francisco

AIT Ph.D. candidate Aurélien Bres received the Best Paper Award at the ‘Building Simulation 2017’ conference, held from September 7-9 in San Francisco.  The awarded contribution was on ‚A Method for Automated Generation of HVAC Distribution Subsystems for Building Performance Simulation‘.

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This biennial meeting of the International Building Performance Simulation Association is the premier opportunity for researchers, simulation practitioners, and building industry professionals from around the world to meet and share information about exciting developments in the field of building performance simulation and advanced building systems. Sessions cover both research and advanced practice in the fields of energy simulation, airflow and natural ventilation, thermal comfort, lighting and daylighting, acoustics, and more.

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Conference link: www.buildingsimulation2017.org

Publication link: www.ibpsa.org

Contact: Aurélien Bres