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Digital twin of the power converter controller

Digital twin of the power converter controller

Power conversion applications

  • Build a real-time digital replica of the preferred grid-code compliant power converter 
  • Set the nominal power rating & grid settings
  • Select the grid support function or grid forming modes
  • Model your power conversion application: power system feeder, micro-grid, off-grid system
  • Research of the modeled power conversion application: execute test cases within Typhoon HIL control center or with the open source test platforms
  • Validate your power system control and operation strategies
  • Conduct grid integration and interoperability studies

Available reference power converter applications

  • 3-phase Solar inverter
  • 3-phase BESS converter
  • 3-phase Active Front End / Back-to-Back converter
  • EV Charging Station  and Battery emulator

Power converter control applications

  • Accelerate your power converter control development and deployment with the cost effective, proven and reliable controller platform   
  • Develop model-based control within the graphical Typhoon HIL software environment even without a need to write C code manually. 
  • Auto-generate control code and straightforwardly integrate with the AIT firmware stack into one-click-ready-to-build target application firmware
  • Upload the application firmware into your target controller via the secure AIT built-in bootloader and Boot Flasher application (no JTAG required!)
  • Test and validate the control design with Typhon HIL system
  • Plug the controller into your target power converter, and run it! 

Available control reference design and examples

  • 3PH Solar Inverter / 3PH BESS Converter 
  • Get app notes & video tutorials via HIL academy

High fidelity power converter controller

Monitor and control of your target application 

  • Build your own graphical user interface by utilizing a wide selection of HIL SCADA widgets
  • Access the application parameters and the controller settings via AIT CLI


  • AIT Data Logger – log the target application and power converter data into the CSV file 

  • AIT Scope/Phasor/Locus tool – a powerful diagnostic tool, able to capture the internal controller waveforms, state space vectors, statuses, and display them as scope snapshot-, phasor- and locus-diagrams

Hardware Protections and FW Faults

  • Built-in hardware protections designed to ensure the protection of your power converter hardware

  • Application-specific and user settable firmware faults