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Electric Urban Freight and Logistics

The EUFAL project aims at providing a platform of exchange as a decision support system for companies willing to integrate electric vehicles (EV) in commercial vehicle fleets. The EUFAL platform will provide tools for companies at different stages of EV implementation: early planning of EV use, implementation of EV use, optimisation of the EV implementation. It will uptake and unite existing research results and technological developments of ongoing research projects (national, transnational, European) in commercial transport including fleet management and optimizing their composition.

Projects in the field of electric mobility in commercial transport have shown that there is a lack of information for decision makers and fleet managers concerning technical possibilities and costs of EVs. EUFAL closes this gap by means of providing and demonstrating the platform of exchange and involving stakeholders right from the outset of the project. For this experienced EV users and developers of EV business models will be addressed. Developed tools for the platform of exchange will include the next stage development of the routes optimisation platform DYNATOP. It will showcase a multi-purpose city logistics system which is both economically and environmentally sustainable based on the use of EVs supported by ICT optimisation tools. The project will analyse the status of EV implementation in cities based on examples. The demonstration and evaluation of the implementation and application of electric mobility includes urban freight and city logistics in several countries. Environmental impacts of EVs in city deliveries and expectations for battery charging infrastructure development will be analysed. Use patterns of corporate fleets will be analysed and EV potentials identified. National framework and business environment for EV deployment in urban commercial transport will be assessed.

Duration: 30 months

Project partners

Borusan Lojistik, Turkey

Copenhagen Electric, Denmark

DLR-Institut für Verkehrsforschung, Germany

DTU Management Engineering, Denmark

eM-Pro Elektromobilität GmbH, Germany

Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland

The project EUFAL is funded by the ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope). EMEurope is co-funded by the European Commission within the research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020 and national and regional funding organizations (Project No. 723977).