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Telemonitoring and Therapy Management

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The AIT eHealth solutions for telemonitoring and therapy management enable active integration of patient self-monitoring and support data management as well as effective communication between physicians and patients.

The intuitive und secure data acquisition within our Home-, Health- and Telemonitoring applications is based on the AIT technology using latest NFC technology. Features are easy to learn and easy to use, interfaces to EHR and EMR systems and Out-of-the-Box Connectivity.

Infograph Data centre

We can equip your medical device with our AIT technology. We offer KIT compatible medical devices with an appropriate Web-Interface (or data-relay) for Home-, Health-, Telemonitoring as well as clinical studies.

Our research covers always a close collaboration with medical universities and technical universities as well as important stakeholders of the eHealth ecosystem in order to consider not only technological aspects but also medical, organizational and economical issues.

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