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Diabmemory - Health Dialog Diabetes


The AIT eHealth service DIABMEMORY is heart of the innovation program „health dialog diabetes“, initiated by Austrian public insurance company  Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahnen und Bergbau (VAEB). DIABMEMORY enables diabetes patients to track essential health parameters using a mobile phone and share this data with their general practitioner. 


DIABMEMORY puts the patient in the center. The interplay of modern telemedicine technology and preventive treatment has a positive impact on both: greater autonomy for the individual and a healthier lifestyle.

Proven AIT technology for diabetics

Collecting data is simple. Patients track blood glucose, blood pressure and weight as well as information on nutrition and drug intake at home. A mobile phone gathers all data from the medical devices using patented AIT technology. Data is then transferred to a central database by the push of a button.

Keeping the doctor in the loop

Patients are not left to their own devices.  A web-based application is the one-stop shop for health professionals responsible for therapy management. Here, data is aggregated and enriched with information on the patient’s therapy plan. This enables health professionals to quickly assess the patient’s health and adjust therapy in case deviations occur. Any feedback can then be transferred directly to the patient’s mobile.

Benefits at a glance

  • Promotes therapy compliance, therapy quality and personal responsibility
  • Easy-to-use and proven technology
  • Enhances collaboration between stakeholders in the healthcare domain (Clinicians, general practitioners, health insurance)
  • Reduces the risk of further complications (e.g. kidney failure, blindness)
  • Ensures sustainable health care interventions for diabetics

DIABMEMORY in the field

DIABMEMORY has been successfully rolled out at Austrian health facility Breitenstein in April 2010.Since then more than 500 patients have been transmitting their health data on a daily basis. Early results of an evaluation done at the Institute for health promotion and prevention indicate that DIABMEMORY is generally well-received. 


Dr. Alois Stöger, Austrian Minister for Health, granted VAEB with the eT-Award for innovative eHealth solutions at the eHealth 2011 conference in Vienna.