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IEA HPP Annex 50

IEA HPP Annex 50: Heat pumps in multiple family apartment buildings

Project description

The aim of the project is to present the potential of heat pump technology for the energy supply of multiple family apartment buildings, as well as to eliminate consisting market barriers. Concepts and innovative technology options for heat pumps in renovated and non-renovated existing and new buildings are being examined by adapting simluations and conducting experiments. This process shall find adequate solutions for each application. The results are integrated into international expert meetings and are being distributed amongst national heat pump manufacturers, electricians and planners. 

project start: December 2016

project duration: 50 months

project partners

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
TU Graz - Institut für Wärmetechnik (IWT)

fundings: Forschungskooperation  Internationle Energieagentur, Auschreibung 2015

project website: http://heatpumpingtechnologies.org/annex50/

AIT contact: DI (FH) Andreas Zottl