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Replicability Concept for Flexible Smart Grids

The ReFlex project aims to develop a replicability concept and guidelines for the deployment of technologically feasible, market based and user friendly solutions for smart grids with a high level of flexibility.

The focus will be on grids with expectedly high level of renewable energy production which shall be effectively and efficiently used locally through a mix of measures in voltage regulation, demand side management and storage.

Drawing on the learning experience among ReFlex partners, replicability-guidelinies are elaborated to support the demo regions and the wider group of European smart grid stakeholders in deploying and advancing their smart grid initiatives.

There are three main objectives:

  • to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) for in depth knowledge exchange between regional Smart Grid demo regions
  • to develop a replicability concept and guidelines
  • to elaborate a ReFlex-Guidebook

Key Words: Foresight, Smart Grids, Replicable Solutions

Start: Feb 2016

Duration: 36 months

Funded by: FFG

Website: http://reflex-smartgrid.eu/

Contact: Klaus Kubeczko