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Road with orange traffic cap on the left lane, on the right a car drives by.

Decision-Support Tools for Embedding Climate Change Thinking on Roads

Climate change has impact on the responsibilities of the National Road Authorities, such as road safety, traffic movements and sustainability. Climate change in general and the possible impacts are not questioned and CEDR has recognised the need to address this theme as part of the other challenges to build and maintain reliable, resilient and sustainable networks, across Europe.

DeTECToR is focused on the implementation of tools and results. It aims to provide insight on how to use and implement former research results on climate change, how to actually “get climate change adaptation done” and, as a result, leads to the improvement of presently available tools and guidelines.

A key issue that has been addressed is the development of a common assessment method to procure and/or appraise/assess climate sensitive requirements. This involves the development of methods to evaluate restoration costs after an extreme weather event, and the costs to improve resilience in the future via preventative measures (e.g. as a percentage of project costs).

The outcome of the research comprises the following:
Development of a manual/tool that outlines the positive/negative economic consequences for various decisions/options, including the evaluation of methods which appraise resilience versus the cost of implementing preventable measures; the manual/tool provides an insight into the underlying issues and lists the requirements of data that are necessary to carry out the cost-benefit analysis case study examples, showing good practices of existing cost-benefit analysis techniques adopted across Europe, and provides recommendations for future developments.

The project was funded under the CEDR Call 2015.