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Photo of the RoadSTAR - a big yellow truck

Effects of dynamic wheel load peaks

Rear of the RoadSTAR

The LAST project investigates the effects of dynamic wheel load peaks, due to possible unevenness, on the service life of the superstructure. The damaging effect of different types of unevenness is analyzed and a catalog of characteristic unevenness is compiled. Using truck models parameterized with real measured axle weights, the effect on the superstructure is determined. Using two types of superstructure (asphalt, concrete), the damage due to the increased dynamic loads is calculated and the remaining service life is calculated. Finally, a comparison of damage and the longitudinal flatness parameter WLP (evaluated longitudinal profile) is carried out in order to detect areas with severe damage at an early stage and to derive rehabilitation proposals for exploiting the remaining service life.

This project was financed by BMVIT and ASFINAG within the FFG program Transport Infrastructure Research 2013.