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Solar- and environmental simulation

Image picture of the sun laboratory
  • Pulsed and steady-state solar simulation
  • High UV irradiation (up to 250 W/m²)
  • Cooling down to -75 ºC
  • Weathering: rain, salt mist, snow, ice, dust and sand
  • Simulation of heavy mechanical loads caused by wind, snow or hail

Contact: Thomas Krametz

Image picture

Electrical characterisation and analytical imaging

  • I /V measurements on PV prototypes, cells and modules
  • EQE measurement, spectral analysis
  • Electroluminescence, photoluminescence and IR-thermography

Contact: Christoph Mayr

Image picture of a machine

Materials analysis and production processes

  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM), atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Sputtering system
  • Electrochemical deposition (potentiostat/galvanostat)
  • Optical and electron beam lithography

Contact: Theodoros Dimopoulos