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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Optical Sensor Systems for Industrial Processes

AIT has developed its new dynamic vision sensor (DVS) technology for visual sensing, based on patented, novel vision chips. Key advantages are the simultaneous high temporal resolution (beyond 1000 fps equivalent) and wide dynamic range (120 dB) at low data rate. This results in a unique smart camera, with built-in embedded processing, at low cost, making it ideal for vision applications in ambient light conditions.

The innovative DVS technology targets major growth markets for smart cameras which include robotics, inspection, surveillance, people counting and monitoring in specific setups, particularly in scenarios with varying and challenging lighting conditions.

AIT DVS – technology highlights

  • Perfectly suited for very cost effective and efficient solutions
  • Stereo (3D) and mono (2D) platform available
  • Unique data representation leads to low data rates and low computational effort, even in complex stereo and high speed applications
  • Low illumination cost due to particular pixel properties (HDR)
    -) Intrinsic major advantages for functional safety applications
    -) Autonomous pixel output on coded bus - multi channel
  • High sensitivity to illumination (contrast) changes – no exposure time
  • Smart sensor - compact low power solutions
    -) No external processing systems needed - even for challenging tasks
    -) Supports complex mounting situations

AIT DVS – applications exploiting the key technology advantages

  • High speed industrial applications
    -) High speed defect detection – quality inspection
    -) Check of physical dimensions, orientation, completeness, integrity
    -) Very fast response times (< 10 ms)
  • Counting
    -) Complex objects
    -) In challenging situations e.g.: partially overlapping objects, varying lighting conditions
  • Machine condition monitoring
    -) Vibrations
    -) Speed variations

Our solutions

  • Feasibility studies / proof of concept of technical solutions using the dynamic vision sensor (DVS) chip prototypes and platforms
  • Development and evaluation of innovative custom solutions
  • DVS sensor platforms
    -) Smart eye UCOS – people-counting stereo area chip platform
    -) Smart eye industrial vision sensor (IVS) mono-line sensor chip platform