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DNA Technology

Nanotechnology is emerging as a key technology with diverse applications in medicine, engineering, and biotechnology.

One of the major challenges in these fields is the precise fabrication of such nanoscale objects, especially when more complex structures than spheroids and rods are desired. An important issue for the technology is the potential negative impact on health and the environment, which is currently under intense investigation.

A promising building material for nanostructures is DNA since it has several outstanding properties for hazard-free use:

  • DNA is a nontoxic and biodegradable material that is synthesized in large-scale production facilities.
  • DNA is chemically and physically very stable and can survive thousands of years in the environment.
  • A variety of standardized chemical and biological modifications are available to functionalize the nanostructures. 
  • The sequence-dependent and entropy-driven formation of DNA helices allows the nanostructures to fold themselves into the desired shape.
  • DNA can store digital information and will remain a universal "file" format for millennia due to its biological relevance.

Together with our partners, we are working on new fields of application for DNA nanotechnology. For this purpose, we are developing new in vitro as well as in silico technologies to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Selected Projects

MARA www.maraproject.eu  H2020 Projekt
MARILIA https://www.mariliaproject.eu/  H2020 Projekt