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Street in the city with a lot of people, cars, bycycles an cafés during sunset.

Flexible near-real-time multi-sensor monitoring and short-term forecasting to support security management at major events

Flat terrain with tents, airplanes and a lot of people

The increasing number of mass events poses new challenges for civil safety management. The aim of the project MONITOR is to combine airborne and terrestrial acquisition systems and also multi-sensor networks to construct a comprehensive overview of the situation. The envisioned developments enable near real-time observation of human motion patterns and short term prediction for early detection of critical situations such as excessive human densities, spatial bottlenecks, or starting turbulences on a mass event. This information supports necessary safety or even evacuation actions. In addition all measured and analyzed data is archived in a geospatial database for documentation purposes as well as for debriefing and analysis after the event.