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The objective of the project is to develop models for simulating regional knowledge creation, applied to Europe and China from a comparative perspective. In this context, a model for regional knowledge creation will be developed and estimated from a multi-agent simulation perspective. In our modelling approach, we will identify and estimate the influence of region-internal and region-external determinants on regional knowledge output (both in terms of magnitude and technological profile) across Europe and China. In this context, we will develop novel ICT tools, both for more effectively implementing model routines in terms of flexibility and computing time, as well as for better embedding of modelling results in terms of visualization on a web server. 

Key Words: Agent Based Modelling, Simulation, Datasets, Europe, China
Start: 05/2019
Duration: 36 months
Customer / Funding Organisation: FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds
Contact: Thomas Scherngell

project number: P 32227 Einzelprojekte