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In the context of an increasing penetration of renewable, non-synchronous sources, this project investigates the provision of highly dynamic services for frequency and angle stability by means of converter-based generation and storage systems.

Based on the analysis of expected future demand for such system services, several implementations are examined through comprehensive simulations, laboratory tests and field trials. Combining this with a regulatory and economic analysis, a clear framework can be derived for the contribution of generation sources whose power output can be quickly modified. With the aim of achieving system stability, this investigation focuses on the following applications:

  • Frequency stabilization via virtual inertia
  • Provision of highly dynamic control power
  • Damping of system oscillations
  • Reduction of deterministic frequency deviations
  • Quick active power recovery after network failures
  • Frequency stabilization through Defense Plans
  • Frequency stabilization for grid restoration

Project partners

Austrian Power Grid AG

Verbund Hydro Power GmbH

Verbund Solutions GmbH

Verbund Trading GmbH

Technische Universität Wien – Institut für Energiesysteme und Elektrische Antriebe

Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH