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Development of integrated engine air intake and protection systems for Tilt Rotor

computer drawn aircraft flying over New York City

Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor Leonardo ©Leonardo S.p.A.

The NextGenCTR is called to safely operate in harsh environmental conditions, characterized by contaminated air-flow (dust, ash, sand, salt and moisture) and icing conditions. To achieve this goal, TRIcEPS will develop air-intakes with integrated engine protection systems, which will be geared on two key enabling technologies:

  • a removable thermoelectric ice protection system based on the heater layer technology.
  • a vortex tubes filter for protecting the engine from ingestion of particles in harsh environment.

The air intake will be equipped with a bypass for operation in clean flow and a compressor washing system. The full system will be tested and qualified through extensive testing, which will include Icing wind tunnel measurements and structural tests. TRIcEPS will deliver the air intake, its engine protection system and all the relevant sub-systems at TRL 7.



  • TRIcEPS - Tilt Rotor Integrated Air Intake and Engine Protection Systems
  • Programme: H2020-EU. - IADP Fast Rotorcraft
  • Funding agency: EU
  • Duration of project: 05/2019 – 10/2023
  • Project coordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology 


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