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Development of a modular, battery-powered drive platform for use in communal and agricultural applications in the segment of carrier vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Demonstration phase in realszenaria in the climate energy model region Tullnerfeld-East (KEM)

The aim of EMPA-Trac is to engineer and develop a fully electric drive axle module for municipal application and install it on a multipurpose prototype vehicle, using a new, modular concept of Li-Ion battery packaging. With the flexible drive axle module, vehicle configurations such as 4x4 or 6x6 can be realized. The performance will be monitored and evaluated for several use cases through the demonstration phase. EMPA-Trac builds up on a set of methods, developments and systems which are partly available on the market and extends them with the know-how of the consortium partners. EMPA-Trac will, however prove the potential of the zero-emission alternative in usage, versatility and total cost of ownership for numerous challenging municipal applications in a demo field test with five municipalities from the Climate & Energy Model Region Tullnerfeld-East participating.


  • EMPA-Trac - Electric Modular Platform Architecture Trac
  • Programme: Austrian Electric Mobility Flagship Projects – 9th Call
  • Funding agency: FFG, KLIEN
  • Duration of project: 02/2018 – 11/2020
  • Projectcoordination: Adolf Tobias Gesellschaft m. b. H (https://tobias.at/)


Project partners