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New production possibilities for renewable primary products by the use of biochar for the remediation of brownfields and marginal lands

Energy crop production should be focused on areas not competing with areas for food production. Therefore this project intends to develop, test and implement biochar-based management measures for degraded (with low organic carbon) or polluted (with heavy metals) soils. The production potential of these soils shall be improved by increasing the soil fertility and (if necessary) by immobilizing heavy metal pollutants. The project results shall facilitate the more efficient and cheaper production of biomass raw materials with limited soil resources.


General objective:

Development of biochar-based soil remediation measures for more efficient production of plant biomass on unproductive land

  • Field experiments:
    • Remediation case 1: degraded lands
      • Methodology: Improvement of soil fertility by using conditioned and activated biochar as soil amendment
    • Remediation case 2: heavy metal-polluted lands
      • Methodology: Immobilisation of heavy metals in the soil with biochar and iron oxides; biochar-based soil amelioration