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ALM 2010

Under the Contaminated Sites Remediation Act (ALSAG), which came into force in 1989, Austria committed itself to the systematic mapping, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. The ALM 2010 project funded by the Ministry of Life and managed by the Austrian Environment Agency is designed to develop new concepts and guidelines for the analysis and assessment of contaminated sites based on the latest technological and scientific developments in the field. AIT is responsible for two work packages within this project:

  • Preparation of a guideline for assessing the human toxicological risk posed by     contaminated soils: The guideline is to provide valuable support in under-     standing human toxicological risk in detail to enable the selection and     application of appropriate measures for specific sites and uses.
  • Preparation of a guideline for assessing leachate pollution at contaminated     sites and forecasting potential groundwater impacts: The aim of this work     package is to enable a differentiated analysis of the pollution situation to enable     a more precise forecast of pollutant mobility in the unsaturated subsurface.