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The picture shows a woman wearing VR glasses. In the background is a man at a PC.


Voice Adaptive Trainings for older adults with Aphasia

Globally, unhealthy lifestyles and increased life expectancy are associated with a growing incidence of stroke in the elderly. In about one third of cases, symptoms of a speech disorder (aphasia) occur as a consequence, which have a negative impact on the ability to communicate and thus on the quality of life. Although speech therapy is known to alleviate the symptoms, older people with chronic aphasia usually do not receive appropriate treatment.

From the further development of existing approaches in the areas of adaptive testing and aphasia training, VoiceAdapt is developing an innovative and motivating training system for older people with aphasia. Training units are adapted individually and on the basis of automated calculation of individual performance levels, emotional state and environmental parameters. With the help of the playful elements integrated in the training system, users are also motivated to become more independent and sustainable in language training in order to positively influence learning success in the long term and consequently improve the quality of life and inclusion of aphasiacs over 65 years of age in terms of improved communication skills.

The team of the Center for Technology Experience is leading the user-centered design process and develops the interaction design concepts to adequately address the needs of potential end users. Experts in the field of Aphasia and end users are actively involved throughout the whole development process. Prototypes and Mockups are being tested in the UX lab of the Center for Technology Experience to investigate user experience factors in an early stage of the development process. In this context, persuasive strategies are adapted/developed to increase motivation and allow for long-term training effects.

Key Words: Aphasia, persuasive strategies, long-term training effects, user-centered design, interaction design, older adults

Start: 04/2018

Duration: 36 months

Customer / Funding Organisation: FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft

Website: www.voiceadapt.de

AIT-Contact: Raimund Schatz

The VoiceAdapt project is funded by the Joint Programme Initiative (JPI) "More Years, Better Lives".