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Volkertplatz, Demonstration of an integrative transformation including holistic water management


A transdisciplinary team is designing a climate resilient transformation of the Volkertplatz and Volkertmarkt in the 2nd district of Vienna in a participatory process. The project’s goals are holistic water management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as increasing the usability of this public space for all. As a uniting element, a BARTLETT is being developed. This Blue Green Photovoltaic Shading Element feeds into all goals:

  • Water management: Higher drainage level, which drains precipitation water without coming into contact with the contaminated ground surface into the surrounding green areas without the use of pumps
  • Climate change adaptation: Greening
  • Climate change mitigation: Photovoltaic panels
  • Increasing usability for all: Weather protection and electricity production

Funding Tool

This project receives funding by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is conducted within the funding program “Leuchttürme für resiliente Städte 2040” (Lighthouses for resilient cities 2040).

www.klimafonds.gv.at | www.smartcities.at/en/


This project receives funding by the FFG. www.ffg.at/en

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