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For self-managed housing projects of large cities, there are so far hardly any visions for the future, how alternative housing projects ensure a peaceful and active life in large cities and how their inhabitants in the third and fourth stages of life are well placed to meet and supply their needs. 

As part of an "Urban Foresight" the research project SAIL Vienna 2035 has developed future scenarios for a life worth living in Vienna for generations in 2050 and analyzed future requirements for and possiblities of action for citizens. 

The possibilites and limits of AAL-solutions to support an active and inclusive everyday life of senior citizens were examined and project ideas for setting up low-threshold prevention and care initiatives and for the development of services in self-managed Viennese housing projects. 

The prerequisite for the success of SAIL Vienna was, on the one hand, the consistent building on attractive visions of the future and existing user needs and, on the other hand, the principled combination of social and technological innovation (AAL) in the development of action plans and project outlines. 

Key Words: alternative housing projects, AAL-solutions, AAL-technology, Vienna
Launch: 11/2015
Duration: 12 months
Client/ promoter: FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
Contact: Doris Wilhelmer