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Positive Energy Districts

Implementation Plan of the SET-Plan Initiative Smart Cities and Communities „Towards Positive Energy Districts“

The aim of this project is to support the bmvit in its function as head of the Temporary Working Group 3.2 Smart Cities and Communities of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan. The main task of the project will be to support the development of the implementation plan "Europe to become a global role model in integrated, innovative solutions for the planning, deployment and replication of Positive Energy Districts" and based on this the support of activites set in the implementation plan. 

The Working Group is composed of DG Energy, delegates from national governments and stakeholders. (e.g. EERA, JPI Urban Europe, EIP SCC Sustainable Districts Action Cluster, Eurocities, EUA-ETUP, CARTIF (leading consultancy center for Smart City-projects), Swedish Energy Agency, VTT and ERRIN. 
The members of the working group have agreed to work together on the implementation of Postivie Energy Areas to build Smart Cities and Communities and contribute to sustainable urban developments and the achievement of COP21 targets. The aim is to help Europe become a technology leader in the construction of zero and positive energy areas. By 2025, there will be 100 successful examples.

The concept of positive energy areas is in itself scalable and embedded in the spatial, economic, technical, ecological, cultural and social context. They are an integral part of the urban energy and mobility system. 

Specifically, this project will be to support the bmvit in the development of the cornerstones of the implementation plan of the Temporary Working Group 3.2 of the SET Plan, promoting the coordination of the necessary activities and commitments, and promote the input from Thematic Working Group 3.2 to use. 

Key Words:  Positive Energy Districts, SET-Plan, Cities, Energy Systems, Buildings, Implementation, Policy

Launch: 07/2018

Duration: 7 months

Client/ promoter: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie



Contact: Susanne Meyer