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image picture of a car with all its components

With the increasing integration of information technologies into vehicles, security is becoming a major concern in the automotive industry. The Austrian (FFG-)project TRUSTED will contribute to solving this issue by developing techniques for testing security of automotive autonomous applications, and analyzing their impact on the safety functionality, and applying these techniques in a co-simulation environment.

The upcoming connected and autonomous vehicles as well as connected embedded devices in many application areas require higher level of security, safety, and privacy. Verification and validation in general, and security testing in particular are integral part of building trustworthy ICT systems. The TRUSTED project will take an attack-driven approach to black-box testing of automotive systems as well as embedded devices that researches and develops novel solutions for effective and efficient security testing at different levels of abstraction in the system development lifecycle. Existing knowledge of attacks will be modelled and simulated with guided-random search to explore potential weaknesses of an automotive system-under-test. The project will demonstrate the results in real world use-cases.



Project duration: September 2017 – August 2019

Coordination: AVL List GmbH

Budget: 1,4 M€

Funding: 0,9 M€

Partner (i.a.):  Graz Technical University