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The project aims to provide a key technologies enabler framework for safe integration of certified drones into the airspace.

Adoption and use of civilian drones is very challenging due to the complexity of physical environments where they evolve and operate. Furthermore, Certification of commercial (small-medium size) drones remains a major obstacle for market growth. Hence, the primary goal of ECSEL-project Comp4Drones is to develop innovative and adaptable solution aware for certification, and to increase confidence level in the use of aerial and terrestrial drones.

Further goals are improving drones’ robustness with respect to safety and cyber-security, extending their capabilities by embedding more features, including more autonomy, ease the customization and the reuse of validated drone software components, and shorten the production lifecycle and reduction of drone components costs.


Project duration: Oct. 2019 – Sep. 2022

Coordination: INDRA (ES)

Budget: 26,9 M€

Funding: 8,0 M€

Partner (i.a.)

  • Industry: Infineon Austria, Indra(ES), Thales (FR,NL), Honeywell (CS), Siemens (FR)
  • SME: Skyability GmbH (AT), Weinbau W. Moravitz (AT)
  • R&D: FHB (AT), VTT (FI), CEA (FR), IMEC (NL), Uni Bologna (IT), Uni Brno (CS)