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BESTE-AB stands for "Needs-based control of autonomous rail infrastructure" and is dedicated to the further development of an existing industrial substation for the management of autonomous trains on secondary, less frequently used routes. In particular, it develops a management system for Rail Operation as a Service (ROaaS) and the support of Development and use of these systems through a meta model for automated rail systems. The focus of these developments is on the areas:

  •  Safety und Security
  • Interface to the overall network
  • 3rd Party Equipment

In addition, attempts are made to use existing communication infrastructures and to supplement them with the IoT elements required for safe rail operations.

The basis for project success lies in the understanding of the networking of different technological components with aspects of security, reliability and interoperability.

In order to achieve this – based on existing interlocking types for industrial railways – Interlocking types for connecting rail operations must be developed, risk analyzes carried out, and security concepts and external interfaces (especially when the 5G network is potentially used) must also be evaluated and adapted taking social science aspects into account.

This experimental development project is being carried out together with Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT), Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ), IQSOFT Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie m. b. H. (IQSOFT) and the Center for Cloud & CPS Security of Research Burgenland.

At the center of the BESTE-AB project is the development of a metamodel for autonomous train traffic on branch lines.

Supported by this meta model, a secure digital interlocking system with ROaaS management system is being developed. The 5G mobile technology for the exact position determination of the trains is also evaluated.

BESTE-AB is therefore planned as a basic research project to make an initial contribution to the OpenRailLab.


  • Project duration: August / 2019 – January / 2021
  • Coordination: AIT
  • Budget: € 987.000
  • Funding: € 520.000
  • Partner: Forschung Bgld., IQSOFT Ges. f. Informationstechnologie m.b.H., Logistik Service GmbH