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The Austrian Open Research Wiki contains a considerable list of links to Open Access policies and principles, as well as to more general information and news about Open Research, Open Access, Open Data, and the Open Knowledge movement. The Wiki is regularly being updated with current results and links, and is accessible for the general public. The documentation of the Workshop on Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context led by Ross King and Michela Vignoli at CeDEM 2013 is available on the Wiki as well.

AIT Contribution

The NGCMS Working Group created this Wiki as a public space for assembling policy recommendations and other useful information for the implementation of Open Access and Open Research in Austria. The aim is to sustain national activities in this field and provide the community with an access point for relevant information on the topic, as well as on the broader context of the Open Knowledge movement.


  • Arguments in favor of Open Access are listed on the start page.
  • A list of links to relevant information about Open Research is being updated on a regular base. The list contains links to general introductions to Open Access, Open Access policies and statements, reports & papers, blog posts and news, and links to information and news about Open Data and Open Government. Some links to other aspects of the Open Knowledge movement, such as Open Innovation, Open Peer Review, etc. are listed as well.