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EnrichEuropeana Plus - Unlocking 19th Century Europe

EnrichEuropeana+ is continuing the work of the EnrichEuropeana project. The EU project enhances existing tools and services for end users to crowdsource the enrichment of digital cultural heritage (CH) that is available through Europeana.

The project runs Citizen Science transcription and enrichment campaigns for CH collections of manuscripts from the 19th Century. New manuscripts and enriched collections are contributed to the Europeana repository. The project implements a web Interface that accesses HTR services developed within the scope of the Transkribus Project.

The exchange of data is developed using the public APIs offered by Europeana and other data providers (e.g. Polish Digital Libraries Federation, German Digital Library). Semantic enrichment of the transcribed texts is achieved by incorporating natural language processing, named entity recognition, and machine translation. The newly created transcriptions and metadata enrichments are contributed to the Europeana core services platform and to national aggregator infrastructures.

The endeavour promotes deeper engagement, understanding, and access to European digital cultural heritage, which has meaningful impact for both European citizens, education, and research institutions.


  • Projektbeginn: April 2021
  • Projektdauer: 18 Monate
  • Budget: ca. 500k EUR

Förderung: European Commission