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Special Casting Processes

The use of special casting processes allows the development of new alloys, production technologies and their testing in much more economical test quantities. The combination of special technologies with scientific methods of materials research allows an efficient development and their implementation of R&D results into industrial practice, especially in the field of high-performance applications such as aerospace.

Twin-screw extruder with conical, co-rotating screws, modified for processing magnesium (Thixotrusion)

Our Services

  • Process and application-oriented alloy development (Al, Mg, special alloy systems)
    • High quality semi-finished material for material development in the field of casting / forging / extrusion / welding wire
    • Highly complex alloy systems (e.g. strong reactivity)
    • Special alloys (e.g. high lithium content)
    • High-purity samples
    • Material for special applications
    • Sputter Targets (special mould)
    • Samples for material characterization
    • Wettability of particles
  • Adjustment of microstructure characteristics
  • Tailor-made heat treatments