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vacuum pressure casting machine VC400 LCD

Semi-industrial and experimental vacuum die casting plant for aluminium and magnesium as well as special alloys, sample preparation and material development

Our services

  • process-dependent and application-oriented alloy development (Al, Mg and special alloys)
  • mechanical and metallographic investigation and evaluation
  • high quality semi-finished material for material development / sample preparation
  • development and manufacturing of:
    • complex alloy systems (e.g.: high reactivity)
    • non-standard alloys
    • high-purity sample
    • special applications
    • Samples for material characterization

Technical Data

  • Indutherm
casting unit
  • heating cable: 4,5kW
  • vacuum: ≥ 30mbar
  • overpressure: 1,5bar
crucible furnice
  • volumen: 170cm³
  • max. temperature: 1.300°C
      • cooling water, 200l/h
      protective gas supply
      • pure nitrogen (N2) or argon (Ar)
      • 2 independent chambers
      • atmosphere in crucible area/mould area adjustable:
      • normal: from 500°C inert gas flooding, but no overpressure
      • vacuum: 30mbar
      • overpressure: 1,5bar