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Pressure Infiltration Casting Machine (P-Cast)

Production of metal matrix composites (MMCs) by gas pressure infiltration casting

Our Services

  • Infiltration or wetting of porous materials, fibers or particles with Al or Mg and its alloys
  • Improvement of the mechanical properties, thermal conductivity or expansion coefficients
    • Graphite infiltration
    • Production of fiber composites (long and short fibers)
    • Wetting of ceramic particles

Technical Data

  • H.R. Edgar Machining & Fabrication
    Max. operating pressure
    • 100bar
        Max. temperature
        • 800°C
        Max. vacuum
        • 0,2mbar
        • 23l
          • Max. sample size: 100x160mm diameter
          • Max. sample size directed solidification: 17x78x160mm