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The North of Austria as a test region for automated driving with regard to aspects of digitalization and logistics

"DigiTrans" is an exploratory research project for the planned test region "Automated Driving in the North of Austria", focusing on the area of logistics. The goal of the project is to meet the expectations of industry and infrastructure operators for the test region and to develop a sustainable model, responsive to demand and effect. The AIT Center for Technology Experience defines methods and tools in order to develop and verify the interface of humans and machines in the logistics area, as well as to examine the expected acceptance of this technology. The analysed areas include the passing of control and replacing activities of utility vehicles, a software to supervise and dispose automated processes as well as the support of partly automated working processes at loading ramps and in factories.

Key Words: Technology Experience, user experience, user-centered design, autonomous driving, automated driving, Logistics

Start: 01.12.2016

Duration: 6 months

Client/Sponsor: FFG

Website: http://www.testregion-digitrans.at/

Contact: Peter Fröhlich