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Psychoacoustics in the Transport Sector

Understanding the perception of noise is the key to a successful strategy for effective noise abatement. In this context, not only the needs of infrastructure operators have to be taken into account, but also those of residents living near heavily congested traffic corridors. People's perception of sound plays a central role here. Psychoacoustic methods provide AIT experts with tools that, in conjunction with highly accurate sound measurements and numerical simulations, enable them to take a holistic view of the noise situation.

Through the participation in numerous international and national research projects, AIT experts can draw on sound knowledge and extensive experience in the field of technical acoustics. One focus in this context is the special expertise in the field of psychoacoustics. These competences have already been proven and successfully applied in the projects eVADER (7th Framework Programme of the EU), drivEkustik (Transport Infrastructure Research of the BMK), FOREVER (CEDR Research Programme 2012) and E-ENDORSE (Fondation MAIF).


Current research activity

Within the framework of the FFG research project LAUB, the noise-reducing effect of vegetation strips along motorways is being investigated. The human perception of the acoustic effect of vegetation strips is compared with the predicted effect of calculated noise indices. Psychoacoustic analyses and hearing experiments are used to take into account the often perceived changes in the noise exposure of local residents to changes in the growth strip.


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