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OVE focus on Data Spaces

Confidential exchange of data

Energy data spaces

This issue of the OVE Information Technology Newsletter takes up the topic of data spaces, which was already covered in the last IoT Newsletter and now replaces the overarching topic of IoT.

With increasing digitalisation and the use of data to optimise processes, the availability of suitable data is becoming an essential asset for companies. At the same time, it is important to maintain digital sovereignty and ensure security in the exchange of data. Data rooms provide the necessary regulations and standards to make access as easy as possible for companies on the one hand, while ensuring the necessary trust for the exchange of data between companies on the other.

The applications range from digital product passports and data exchange along the supply chain to applications in the healthcare and energy sectors. In addition, data rooms are intended to break up the current situation of individual data silos by enabling data rooms from different branches of trade to interact with each other by using the same standards and concepts. This will enable a completely new, decentralised data exchange.

As part of an OVE Fem network meeting in mid-May, Margit Kranner, data science expert at AIT, gave an overview of the topic based on the digital product passport.

Read the full german article here.