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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Artificial intelligence against fake store scammers

Bavaria enters into cooperation with top Austrian researchers / Minister of Justice Eisenreich: "Fake stores have become a real Internet plague. Together with the Viennese specialists, we want to further develop the successful Fake Shop Detector."

Disinfectants in the pandemic, e-bikes in the summer, firewood in the energy crisis, toys before Christmas: Fake stores develop according to trends and lure with deceptively genuine and serious-looking offers on the Internet at bargain prices. Those who order there wait in vain for the goods they have paid for. In order to put Bavaria in an even better position in the fight against online fraud, Bavaria's Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich today (August 24) signed a cooperation agreement together with Dr. Helmut Leopold, Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, at the Palace of Justice in Munich. The aim of the cooperation is to equip the Cybercrime Central Office Bavaria (ZCB) even better for investigations on the Internet with the AI-based Fake Shop Detector (https://www.fakeshop.at/). Justice Minister Eisenreich: "Fake stores have become a real internet plague. In a single investigation complex conducted at the ZCB alone, about 1,600 aggrieved parties were defrauded of about 500,000 euros. The stores appear on the Internet and usually disappear again as soon as the fraud is discovered. Together with the Viennese specialists, we want to tailor the successful Fake Shop Detector to the special requirements of law enforcement agencies and develop it further."

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