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Fit4Food 2030


AIT is researching on securing the future of our food systems

AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy is partner in the European research project FIT4FOOD2030 that aims to set the European food system’s course for the future. In line with the Food2030 strategy of the European Commission, the project investigates the current trends, cases and potential breakthroughs in research and innovation that can successfully provide accessible, healthy and sustainable food and diets for all. The intention is to find solutions to the challenges facing our food systems, such as hunger, malnutrition, obesity, climate change, scarce resources, and waste.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard!

Your contribution to this survey will be very welcome and well-used, since the outcomes of this questionnaire will feed stakeholder meetings with people that are part of the European food system. These stakeholder meetings will be used as base to inform policy decisions by the European Commission on how to invest in research and innovation for a future-proof European food system.

Please find the survey here.

Deadline for submitting information: 30 June 2018.

Project partners

AIT-Contact: Beatrix Wepner