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IWCEE 2018 – machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data

Jun 26-28

The AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy co-organizes the 6th International Workshop on Computational Economics and Econometrics (IWCEE 2018) at the National Research Council of Italy, Rome.

This year, the scientific workshop addresses data science, statistics, computer science and artificial intelligence methods and opens corresponding perspectives for research and society. How can big data and machine learning help to address societal big challenges? How can we improve our capacity to extract knowledge form information? What specific methods are suitable for addressing thought-provoking research questions in this area of research? How can we reduce uncertainty and increase predictive power within complex socio-economic systems?

Invited speakers include Manfred Füllsack (Univ. Graz, AT), Robert Grant (BayesCamp, UK), James Hensman (Prowler.io, UK), Luciano Pietronero (Sapienza Univ. Rome, IT), Vito Triani (IST-CNR, IT) and Marco Valente (Univ. L´Aquila, IT).

A Special Session on urban systems focuses on “Transitions towards sustainable and resilient cities: analytic and modelling approachesand comprises contributions from Reinhard König (AIT Center for Energy and CSH Vienna) and Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer (AIT Center for Energy), and Manfred Paier (AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy).

Venue: IRCrES-CNR, National Research Council of Italy, Rome

Call for Papers.

AIT Contact: Manfred Paier