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AIT Seminar Series: Mobility Systems

Sep 19
David Pisinger: Challenges in modern tour planning on a selected case study

Fuel purchasing in liner shipping with new sulphur emission control areas


Co-Authors: Christian Plum, Peter Neergaard

DTU Management Engineering



Since January 2015, all vessels in the Emission Controlled Area (ECA) of the Baltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel and waters 200 nautical miles from the coast of US and Canada, have had to reduce their sulphur emissions to 0.1%. Vessels are required to use either a distillate, an alternate fuel or install a scrubber that removes sulphur from the exhaust after combustion.

In this talk we present a decision support tool for fuel purchasing, making it possible for a liner shipping company to fulfill the emission regulations at minimal expenses. The decision support tool makes use of the fact that fuel prices vary from port to port, and also vary over time. Hence the task is to purchase the right quantities at the right port during a round trip.

After presenting the problem in details, we start with the simple case of one vessel, and then extend it to a whole fleet of vessels, making use of shared constracts.

The talk will end with outlining the parallels with land-based transportation – especially challenges arising with the integration of e-mobility in tour planning as addressed in the flagship project SEAMLESS.


CV http://intranet.ait.ac.at/

David Pisinger, is professor in operations research at DTU Management Engineering, and adjoint professor at DIKU, University of Copenhagen. His research interests include Maritime optimization, Vehicle Routing, Railway optimization, Energy models, and Packing and cutting problems. He has been leading several research projects in maritime logistics, railway optimization, and packing and loading. David received the Hedorfs Fonds prize for Transport Research 2013, and received the Teaching Prize 2016 at DTU Management. Over the years he has supervised more than 20 PhD students. Two of these have received the VeRoLog dissertation prize, and one has received the TSL dissertation prize. Having a background in Knapsack Problems, David Pisinger can be recognized by always wearing a knapsack.


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
September 19, 2017, 12:30-14:00
Techbase, W301, 3rd Floor
Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna