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Multi-Physics Simulation Services

Due to the increased CO2 awareness of today’s society, electromobility has become more and more popular within the last years.

Crucial factors for the success in this segment are costs, range, charging time and safety of the vehicles. Thereby, simulations enable to investigate the complex interaction between individual components and the vehicular system as a whole in a virtual but realistic environment and hence, they eliminate the need to perform protracted and costly real-life tests.

AIT develops multiphysical models, which encompass all relevant aspects within the electrical, mechanical, thermal and magnetic domains of technical systems. Comprehensive Modelica libraries incorporate the different sub-models for specific application scenarios in intuitive package structures. They are based on solid scientific knowledge and can be used for developing, investigating and optimizing new components and vehicle concepts. The research team's expertise ranges from electrical machines, including engine control, power electronics and electrical energy storage systems, to the simulation of entire vehicles, component integration and monitoring during operation.