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DNA Bank & Genotyping Services

Image picture of the DNA-database in Tulln

DNA-Database in Tulln

AIT operates a DNA bank containing more than half a million DNA samples of plant and animal origin, which are stored under high-tech conditions at -20°C. The service portfolio is supplemented with downstream analyses such as sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing) and genotyping combined with bioinformatics. Find more information and the biological material on www.dnabank.at

Research services

  • Fully automatic quality assured cryostorage (-20°C and -80°C) of DNA samples including data management
  • Development of specific DNA extraction protocols from different materials depending on requirements (also for high throughput applications)
  • Development and application of genetic markers (SSRs, SNPs) for different genotyping methods, e.g. verification of origin, relatedness analysis, population genetics, species identification
  • Development and spotting of DNA- and protein-based high density arrays
  • Comparative transcriptome analysis with a focus on non-model organisms, from RNA extraction to bioinformatic evaluation

Reference projects

  • EVOLTREE: stands for EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity and aims at linking ecology, genetics, genomics and evolution to address global issues that European forests are currently facing.
  • TREES4FUTURE: aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures.
  • VIOLINCODE: seeks to decipher a violin’s origin based on genetic markers.
  • BEETSTORE & FFoQSI sub-project: both projects are aiming to decipher molecular markers which are linked to the storability of sugar beet tap roots by linking transcriptomics, genomics and metabolomics.