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(Experimental) Verification and validation of automated systems against common requirements such as safety, security, and privacy, using a layered test framework.

Manufacturers of automated systems and their components have been allocating an enormous amount of time and effort in R&D activities for developing new technologies and systems. Those innovations translate into an overhead on the V&V (verification and validation) process for ensuring they can be operated safely and reliably. This process is currently very  time-consuming and thereby costly. The ECSEL JU project VALU3S (“Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security”) aims to evaluate the state-of-the-art V&V methods and tools and design a multi-domain framework to reduce time and cost needed to verify and validate automated systems with respect to safety, cyber-security, and privacy requirements. This is done through identification, classification, and improvement of evaluation methods, tools, environments and concepts for V&V of automated systems with respect to the requirements. To this end, VALU3S brings together a consortium with partners from 10 different countries, amounting to a mix of 25 industrial partners, 6 leading research institutes, and 10 universities to reach the project goal.




  • Project duration: May 2020 – April 2023
  • Coordination: RISE (SE)
  • Budget: € 25 Million
  • Funding: € 16 Million
  • Partner: 
    • Industry: ABB (SE), Alstom (SE), NXP (DE), RGB medical devices (ES), Siemens Austria (AT)
    • SME: CAMEA (CZ), LieberLieber (AT), PUMACY Technologies AG (DE),  R G B Medical Devices SA (ES), ROBOAUTO S.R.O. (CZ), STAM SRL (IT)
    • Academia: FBK (IT), FHG IESE & IIS (DE), Gdansk University of Technology (PL), University of Coimbra (ES), KTH (SE)
  • (et al.)