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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung


Quantum Communication Infrastructure for high secure governmental applications in Austria

Cryptography is an ubiquitous technique present in our every interaction with technology. Cryptographic migrations have been done before, e.g. the migration from DES to 3DES and then to AES. Nevertheless, a cryptographic transition so broad and deep like the one we are about to enter has never been attempted. Transition towards quantum resistant cryptography will requirer a comprehensive approach involving academia, governments and industry. QRCrypto encompasses those stakeholders to work together to understand the impact of large-scale quantum computers threat, research and develop novel cryptographic protocols and technologies, implement practical applications, perform pilot migrations, define measurement and metrics, advocacy for standardization recommendations and understand certification requirements. QRCrypto consortium involves 7 EU countries with 2 research entities, 4 technological companies, 1 national security authority in charge of certification, and as end users for pilot projects: 1 aerospace company, 1 energy company and 1 public administration company. Furthermore, we will launch an FSTP to include 4 additional pilot projects in health, finance, automotive and an open topic. The project is structured in 6 WPs for 3 years, with 4,6 million EUR budget.


  • Förderprogramm: DIGITAL-2021-QCI-01-DEPLOY-NATIONAL, EU Secure Quantum Communication Infrastructure
  • Projektlaufzeit:01/2023-06/2025