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The InnoSens Project aims to develop and implement an integrated Environmental & Traffic Monitoring System in order to minimize air pollution through optimal control of the actual traffic flow. Therefore tasks like evaluation and development of accurate and robust but cheap sensors for traffic monitoring as well as for air pollution measurements, e.g. PM10, CO2, NOx and meteorological parameters have to be performed.

Based on existing developments of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology an integrated information system shall be developed focusing on the acquisition of traffic, environmental as well as meteorological data. An innovative visualisation tool, e.g. for alarming, limit monitoring and time series representation will allow the user to take appropriate decisions.

The system shall include in its concepts already interfaces to connect traffic control systems in the future. This will lead also to more precise traffic flow optimization, pollution and energy reduction. In order to evaluate and demonstrate the research results a prototype shall be realized and tested in collaboration with industrial partners, communities and authorities from Lower Austria. 


  • Starting date: September 2008
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Budget: 0,9 Million €
  • Funding: 444.000 € from the EU (EFRE) and NÖ
  • Coordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology