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Given the rapid technological development in mobility, the demands on aluminium and magnesium wrought alloys are constantly increasing. This concerns material properties such as strength, corrosion resistance, joinability and crash behavior, as well as the processability of the alloys through processes such as extrusion and deep drawing.
The scientists and technologists at LKR have many years of experience in the design and processing of light metal alloys and support partners in alloy development.


Our Services

  • Adaptation and development of Al and Mg wrought alloys to meet customer requirements
  • Thermodynamic and thermo-kinetic simulation of alloy systems
  • Development of tailor-made heat treatments and process conditions
  • Casting, homogenisation, extrusion, forging and deep drawing of test alloys
  • Microstructural and mechanical characterization



Aluminium alloys

Magnesium alloys

  • Fire resistant magnesium alloys
  • Fire resistant magnesium alloys for forming processes
  • Fire resistant magnesium alloys for additive manufacturing

Advanced alloys

  • Compositionally Complex Alloys und High Entropy Alloys
  • Nanoscale Eutectic Alloys
  • Ultralight alloys

Heat treatments


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