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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has a complete system of measurement equipment and software for acoustics. This includes special measuring vehicles and trailers, test benches, mobile measuring devices and simulation software. This means that the entire chain from data acquisition and evaluation to modelling, simulation and optimisation is available. The use of calibrated multi-channel measurement technology allows not only a high degree of accuracy but also a more detailed spatial view of the sound field.

The perception of ambient noise is subject to the subjective disturbance sensation of residents and can best be described with psychoacoustic models. Due to its competence in the field of psychoacoustics, the AIT can carry out hearing tests with the aid of binaural measurement and auditory reproduction technology.


Key components

  • Noise barrier test rig

  • Rolling noise measuring trailer

    • CPX measuring trailer (ÖNORM EN ISO 11819-2)

    • RVS measuring trailer (11.06.64)

  • Multi-channel acoustic and vibration measuring system with evaluation software

  • Artificial head for binaural measurements and psychoacoustic analyses

  • Self-developed data analysis and simulation software

Accredited Standards in the Field of Acoustics

As an accredited testing laboratory, the AIT is available for precise acoustic measurements in the areas of sound power, ambient noise and noise protection. We also provide expert opinions in the field of noise protection in accordance with §31a of the Railway Act. The test procedures of the acoustics working group are based on measurements of sound pressure and on further calculations (sound intensity, sound pressure level, impulse responses or transfer functions).