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Herzmobil Tirol: Herzpatienten müssen seltener ins Spital

AIT telemonitoring solution is planned for standard care in Tyrol 2020

Two pictures, showing a care person supports an elderly to check his vital parameters at his smartphone, the second picture shows the disply where he can recod his well beeing.

Photo: (LIV/Gerhard Berger): The HerzMobil app for recording vital signs and patients with heart failure together with nursing expert during the training.

Thanks to the KIT TeleHealth Solutions project "HerzMobil Tirol" from AIT, significantly fewer patients suffering from heart failure have to return to hospital and also the mortality of the patients should be lower.

The project, in which patients routinely transfer their vital data to the care team, was launched six years ago. Since 2017 HerzMobil Tirol supports integrated care for patients with heart failure in everyday healthcare. This is done in cooperation with the AIT founded spin-off "telbiomed Medizintechnik und IT Service GmbH" to expand the professional provision of KIT TeleHealth Solutions. Via the spin-off telbiomed, the AIT technology is currently being used in 5 Tyrolean districts and will be extended to the whole of Tyrol next year. This technology will also be rolled out in Styria within the framework of the "HerzMobil Steiermark" care program over the next few years.

The need still increases: The spread of heart failure is increasing - on the one hand, because more people survive heart attacks and "the damage" to the heart remains, says the medical director of the project Gerhard Pölzl. On the other hand, the increasing aging of society, which increases the number of heart failure patients, is taking effect. The consequences of HerzMobil Tirol are a significant strengthening of the self-confidence and the self-management of the patients.